#WhereIsWoodSnap - GoodVybesDaily


Starting on August 11, 2015 - I will be traveling around the world visiting as many countries and cities as possible. I will also be introducing a form of "Finding Art Friday" on an international scale. I will be hiding a piece of Chicago art for some lucky stranger to find in each major city I visit along the way. 

The goal of this project is very simple - I want to connect with people via photography. It's a fun way to try and get interaction and conversation going with people all over the world. All of the photos I will be hiding were taken in Chicago. Not only did I grow up in Chicago, but this is where I first picked up a camera and learned of my passion for photography; it only seemed fitting.

Follow along on Instagram @GoodVybesDaily and look up #WhereIsWoodSnap and #GoodVybesDaily to see where I go next!

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