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Cup O' Joe in Bilbo

• Must-See Coffee Shops in Bilbao, Spain •

Whenever I go to a new city, one of the first things I like to do is find a good coffee shop to get my shit together. Whether it's editing photos, checking flights, or just needing to sit down and relax; coffee shops are my go-to place to do all of the above and more.

Before we get too far though, I feel like I should come clean...

The list of recommended coffee shops you will find below are not being judged by their coffee *gasp*

I know that this sounds absolutely ridiculous, a list of my favorite COFFEE shops with absolutely no rating of the actual COFFEE they are serving, but just hear me out.

I find that when I check out a new coffee shop, there are a million other factors that contribute to my overall judgements, and coffee always seems to be last on my list of important factors (other than price).

Coffee Shop Criteria

• Coffee Price

• Natural Light

• Food (Pintxos, Tortilla, Baked Goods, etc.)

• General Vibe

• Store Size / Seating

• Wifi / Outlets


Simón Bolívar Kalea, 10  (Indautxu)

Price of Coffee: €1.35

Natural Light: I honestly don't think they need lights on inside because the amount of natural light that fills the room. This is a great place to get work done indoors while still getting the feeling of being outdoors. 

Food: This place has everything you could possibly want. For starters, they have tons of pastries and baked goods that had my mouth watering from the minute I walked in. They also have tortilla, pintxos, smoothies, ice cream, soup and more!

General Vibe: One of the more cosy coffee shops on our list. The decor is very homey and inviting. Also, towards the back of the shop they have a small fireplace that adds to the ambiance.

• Playing Now: Ian Broudie - "Song For No One"

Store Size / Seating: There is a decent amount of space indoors. They have 6-7 large tables for groups and additional single seating at a small bar. Outdoor seating available as well!

Wifi / Outlets: The good news, they do have Wifi. The bad news, I did not see any outlets to keep your computer or phone charged. 

Hola Bar

Plaza Arriquibar, 4 (Alhóndiga)

Price of Coffee: €1.60

Natural Light: This coffee shop is located inside of the Alhóndiga and has a ton of natural light. The windows face the Arriquíbar Plaza, which makes for great people watching as you sit inside and enjoy your coffee. 

Food: You can't go wrong with a pintxo bar. Hola Bar has incredible pintxos all day long. They also have a menú de mediodía starting at €10,90 

General Vibe: This place is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to the vibe. The decor is a mix of modern and industrial, which doesn't sound very cosy now, but you'll see once you arrive. This is the kind of place that you can spend an entire afternoon inside and not feel guilty about it. They also feature the work of local artists on their walls which I found to be a nice touch.

• Playing Now: Sharon Van Etten - "Our Love"

Store Size / Seating: HUGE. You will not have trouble finding a seat here. They have over 20 tables (small & large), couches, a lounge area, and bar seating. Unfortunately, they do not have outdoor seating, but you can always finish your coffee and go grab a seat on the public benches outside. 

Wifi / Outlets: Yes they have Wifi, and a there are a couple of outlets if you look hard enough.  


Ramon Rubial, 4 (Euskadi Plaza)

Price of Coffee: €1.50

Natural Light: It's going to be hard to compete with SanwiCoffee when it comes to natural light. I would say that 75% of the shop is made up of large glass windows. This place is completely filled with natural light which makes it rank high on my favorites list.

Food: Well, judging by the name, I'm sure you could guess that they have sandwiches. They also have tortilla, pastries, desserts and a full menu. The variety of food they have makes this a great place to spend an entire day getting work done.

General Vibe: When compared to most of the other shops on this list, SanwiCoffee definitely isn't the coziest. However, the natural light truly makes up for it and creates a very warm and relaxed vibe inside. 

• Playing Now: Broken Back - "Halcyon Birds"

Store Size / Seating: The space is quite large inside AND outside. They have plenty of tables and booths indoors, along with a small lounge area and bar seating. You will find several more tables outside to enjoy yourself (weather permitting). 

Wifi / Outlets: Yes they have Wifi, but I did not see any outlets for charging phones/computers.  

Avec Moi

Plaza de la Convivencia 10 (Zubi Zuri Bridge)

Price of Coffee: €1.35

Natural Light: Although this shop is one of the smaller ones on the list, basically all of their walls are made up of windows so there is no lack of natural light inside.

Food: I never got a chance to try the food, but their menu looked amazing and I've only heard good things. I did try the pintxos however, and they were delicious! If you happen to be craving something on the sweeter side, they do have ice cream and pastries as well.  

General Vibe: It's hard to describe the vibe of Avec Moi because it's very unique. They have retro TVs, vintage mopeds, and DIY kitchen utensil lighting... Like I said, this place is very unique. And it works. You feel like you're in your own home when relaxing inside, and that's a huge win.

• Playing Now: The Beautiful Girls - "La Mar"

Store Size / Seating: Again, this shop is quite small in comparison to the others, but it is very cozy and welcoming. They have a nice little couch/lounge area in front of the bar, and several tables scattered throughout the shop. What they lack in space indoors, they definitely make up for in outdoor seating. Located next to the Zubi Zuri Bridge, it is a very lively area and great for people watching.

Wifi / Outlets: Yes they have Wifi, and I noticed a couple of outlets.  

Gran Café

El Mercante

Calle Arenal, 3 (Casco Viejo)

Price of Coffee: €1.45

Natural Light: When it comes to natural light, Gran Café El Mercante probably scores the lowest. However, everything else about this place is perfect. Normally, I wouldn't be too fond of a coffee shop with no sunlight shining through large windows, but this place is absolutely beautiful inside. 

Food: They had an array of pintxos which all looked delicious, but I ended up sticking to the tortilla. Although the tortilla was kind've expensive (€2) it was very good and they also heated it up which was a nice touch. 

General Vibe: I really loved the vibe that this place gave off. From the tall ceilings to the unique hanging lights, it was easy to spend a full afternoon here. The interior looked like a nightclub, a high end restaurant, and a cozy bookshop all mixed into one. 

• Playing Now: The Sheepdogs - "I Don't Know"

Store Size / SeatingGran Café is easily the biggest shop on the list. They had plenty of seating, from tables to bar seating. There was also a very nice lounge area with couches towards the front.

Wifi / Outlets: Yes they have Wifi, and I noticed a couple of outlets.  

Café Feve

Calle Bailén 2, Bilbao Station (Abando)

Price of Coffee: €1.50

Natural Light: There isn't a ton of natural light, but it does have enough that you don't feel cooped up.  

Food: Normally, food isn't that big of a factor when I choose a coffee shop. As long as they have something to eat, I'm usually content. However, Cafe Feve happens to have some absolutely delicious sandwiches and they're only €2.25 (pretty decent size too).

General Vibe: Out of all of the shops on this list, this would probably be my least favorite when it comes to the vibe. It's not a bad vibe, it's just not very cozy. There isn't really any theme to the decor and yeah, just not my favorite. I did find though, that because I wasn't too comfortable, I ended up getting a lot more work done here. It's also connected to Bilbao Station (FEVE) which brings a lot of foot traffic AKA great people watching.  

• Playing Now: Tin Sparrow - "Eileen"

Store Size / Seating: This place is surprisingly large inside! They have plenty of tables and bar seating spread throughout the cafe. I doubt you'd ever have trouble finding a place to sit when visiting. 

Wifi / Outlets: They do have wifi, but I did not see any outlets.  


Colón de Larreátegui Kalea, 35 (Moyua)

Price of Coffee: €1.70

Natural Light: Plenty of natural light fills this cozy nook, also known as Trimmer. 

Food: I read online that they used to have really good food here, but unfortunately I missed the boat. So I ended up settling for Chocolate Cake, which was still very good!

General Vibe: Wow. This place takes the cake (sorry I had to), when it comes to the cozy vibe. The minute you walk into this shop you feel right at home. Not only is this place super homey, but they have a unique surprise once you enter the cafe...a clothing store! This lovely space combines designer clothes and incredible coffee. It's really a win win. 

• Playing Now: Tristan Prettyman - "Open Up Your Eyes"

Store Size / Seating: The only downside to this beautiful cafe is the size. Apparently it used to be much larger, but they recently remodeled and decided to increase the space of the clothing section, which in turn made the cafe much, much smaller. They have maybe 4 tables now... It's a shame, but still lovely if you manage to grab yourself a seat. 

Wifi / Outlets: They do have wifi, but I did not see any outlets.  

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